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How should companies select the right shared office space?

Facing the impact of the epidemic, one of the measures being taken by businesses to reduce cost pressure and create a safe working is to use a shared office space (co-working). In the previous years, co-working was often utilized by small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), organizations or individuals, but recently its market share expanded to large-scale enterprises. The increase in the number of shared offices gives businesses many options to choose from but brings hesitation and careful consideration. Therefore, some basic criteria for shared office spaces is listed in this article to partly help businesses quickly choose the right location.


Shared offices which are located in central, diversity transportation and nearby banks, administrative offices, gyms, restaurants, entertainment zones, shopping centers, etc. are currently favored by businesses and investors because of their convenience. Plus, it reduces commutation when working with administrative agencies, choosing restaurants with customers, and above all, shared offices which are located in central locations are always trusted and appreciated by customers.



Nowadays, co-working companies pursue an open, flexible and creative design. An open space with scientifically installed glass doors, adequate lighting and air-conditioning systems will ensure comfort and high performance at work. Flexibility in design helps employees increase interaction and businesses change their model of working and adjust the size of personnel. Some rental units also integrate green areas or divide architectural areas by color and theme to bring creative and novel experience to customers.


Utility Service

A shared office, besides flexible design, must also be fully equipped with basic facilities and furniture such as tables and chairs, cabinets, shelves, printers, photocopiers, fire protection systems, wifi, cameras, parking lots, mailboxes, etc. An additional advantage with professional rental units is their willingness to respond to requests from customers such as reception rooms, private meeting rooms, maternity room, event room, gym, document storage cabinet, temperature monitor, projector, cleaning staff, etc. Besides infrastructural facilities, staff members in charge of administrative tasks such as receiving mail and parcels, participating in meetings, storing documents, etc. is also an important factor. When these facilities are available, businesses save costs on infrastructure, personnel in charge, and enjoy the thoroughness and professionalism through the services provided by the shared office space.



Shared offices offer many options and rental packages, from seat selection to desk rental or private office rental packages. Generally, shared offices provide customers with many options according to the needs of each enterprise. It is easy to rent a workplace which is in central location and has convenience, modern design, diverse utilities to save cost. Therefore, more and more businesses are choosing shared office as their operating location. Some businesses even test the shared office before taking for. By doing so, businesses can understand whether or not to change their business location to a central location.


Customer service

Choosing one of the many shared office rental units can also be based on the spirit of support, staff attitude and quality of customer service. The significant increase in the number of shared offices does not mean that the quality is directly proportional. Enterprises need to synthesize many reference sources and carefully research about potential costs to determine a suitable office location that benefits the organization and its members.


Legality of the shared office service provider

In recent years, the shared office service has grown quite rapidly as many businesses are turning into this method because of low initial capital cost as compared to traditional office space. As lessees, businesses and investors need to carefully consider the leasing rights of shared office service providers to ensure that the lessor is fully qualified to provide services. Stipulations on rental term, unilateral termination, deposit, etc. must also be thoroughly discussed.

Enterprises always need stability in business activities. So, in order to avoid frequent changes of locations affecting employees as well as customers, businesses need to comprehensively consider these issues to choose a suitable location for operations.

The article is based on applicable law at the time noted as above and may no longer be appropriate at the time the reader approaches this article as the applicable law has changed and the specific case that the reader wishes to apply. Therefore, the article is only for reference.

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