Corporate Services

Accounting-Tax Services

Accounting and bookkeeping are two key functions for every business organization. In short, bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions whereas accounting is the interpretation, classification, analysis and reporting of financial information.
Business owners always need bookkeeping and accounting to maintain the stability of the company’s finance. Following accounting principles is also essential to the success of all businesses.
Moreover, all businesses must remain tax compliant. As tax regulations in Vietnam are complex, time consuming and often changing, our mission is to advise and assist your business in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Accounting Services

Accounting is the process of analyzing financial data. Without accounting, it would be impossible for a business to grow. Accounting involves sorting, retrieving, summarizing and presenting the company’s financial data through internal and external reports to the business’ owners, shareholders or even the public.

    • 1. Accounting Services

      - Monitoring the company’s revenues and expenses;
      - Bookkeeping;
      - Preparing the financial statements (e.g. balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow);
      - Issuing accounting vouchers and VAT invoices, and tracking them in an online system;
      - Bank reconciliation;
      - Preparation and submission of statutory reports.

    • 2. How to proceed?

      We collect all necessary documents and information to record the transactions in our accounting software. All data remain available at all time for our Clients.

      Our team will monitor the company’s transactions on a daily basis to ensure compliance with the Vietnamese Accounting Standards and regulations to provide you with comprehensive and accurate financial information.

    Tax Compliance

    Tax compliance or taxation is one of the most considered complicated part for the company. Especially in Vietnam, the taxation change constantly. When doing business in Vietnam, every company, firm, organization have to comply to the monthly, quarterly and yearly tax obligation. Understanding how the taxation works will take time and effort.

      • 1. Legal Services

        - Register new tax code for client;
        - Preparation Yearly Licensing tax declaration and support online payment;
        - Preparation VAT declaration and assistance with payment of VAT online (if any);
        - Calculate Personal Income Tax (PIT) and support online PIT payment (if any);
        - Calculate Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and support online CIT payment (if any).

      • 2. How to proceed?

        The monthly/quarterly/yearly tax compliance will be reviewed to meet the newest regulation before submitting and making tax payment.

        By understanding the procedure of the tax department, we can simplify some special cases and save more time.

      Payroll Services

      With the diversity of forms, working time as well as human resources, not only Vietnamese workers but also foreign workers with diverse working locations, this becomes a challenge for businesses in planning salary payment, determining salary, bonus and other benefits for employees. To ensure the payment of salaries, bonuses and other benefits in accordance with regulations but still harmonize the interests of the business, reduce the burden on the human resources department, businesses are tending to choose the payroll services from the third party.

        • 1. Legal Services

          - Build and help you determine monthly salary, bonus and other benefits for employees;
          - Develop salary, bonus and financial regulations as the operating foundation for income and expenditure activities of the enterprise;
          - Help you choose how to calculate salary and bonus suitable for each position, scope of work such as salary per hour, per work results, per day;
          - On behalf of you to handle salary and bonus issues with employees, state agencies and third parties.

        • 2. How to proceed?

          - Our staffs will discuss with you through our CRM system or phone or email or meet directly to understand your targets. - We will collect the necessary data, process and keep it secure;
          - We act as an administrative and human resources department, calculating and handling issues about salary, bonus, additional benefits for employees;
          - Provide an account for you to access our CRM system to monitor the process of tasks to be carried out;
          - Deliver accounting books, results for each item of the tasks from time to time (monthly, quarterly, yearly) and instruct you to learn, manage and use the delivered data.

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